6th Ward of Atlantic City

Lower Chelsea & Chelsea Heights


Atlantic City Council

Lower Chelsea & Chelsea Heights
Affordable living. Vibrant community.
Transparent government.

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Serving 6th Ward of Atlantic City.
Lower Chelsea & Chelsea Heights.

Jesse Kurtz

Chairman: Tech, Licensing & Inspections, Health & Human Services Committee (combined)

Founder of the 6th Ward National Night Out in Chelsea Heights, going in to its 4th year.

Founder of the 6th Ward Christmas caroling, toy and poinsettia drive, going in to its 4th year.

Co-Founder of the Community Healthcare Partnership, a collaboration of health care professionals focused on improving community health and quality of life.

Co-Founder of the 6th Ward Beautification Committee, which designed and donated 3 new welcome to Atlantic City signs on the border of Atlantic City and Ventnor.

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